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                                              MISCELLANEOUS CLUB TRIVIA:

- There have been a total of 8 Trivia Questions since 2009 that have pertained to Morten Andersen.

- In 2009; there were 9 consecutive jerseys won in the raffle by first-time visitors at The Quarter Bar.

These are the first 3 Fans to ever win 2 jerseys in the prize raffle during the same season.
  Taylor (2011), Chris (2011) & Evie (2009)

- All of the answers to the trivia questions asked during gameday can be found on

- The trivia question that took the longest to answer required 14 tickets to be pulled to get a winner in Week 11 of 2012; breaking the previous record of 11 tickets established during the 2010 Season.

- During the Super Bowl Party in Feb. 2010;  there was a record 215 fans at The Quarter Bar.

- In 2010; the FAN-OF-THE-SEASON honors was added to the Club's agenda.

"I was the very first Fan-of-the-Season Winner!!" - Ryan the Fan
- The most raffle tix to be purchased by one fan at a time was 64 during the 2012 Season in Week 4; breaking the previous record of 60, purchased in 2011 during the Wild-Card game against Detroit.

- The most prizes raffled off during a single game was '14' during Week 13 of the 2008 Season. 

- Just before Hartley's FG in the NFC Title Game in '09; one fan sprinkled holy water across the TV screen! 

 "Hey now, the kick was good.  Thank me later!" - Russ the Fan
- As of the 2012 Season; there were only 3 original members left from the 2007 inaugural year. 
- In 2010; the Saints scored a TD everytime one of our fans went to the restroom, do you know who?

- From 2006 to 2013; the Saints had always won their games during "The SaintsGuy's" birthday weekend.  It wasn't until the Week 9 game against the 49ers on November 9, 2014 that the streak came to an end in a 27-24 loss at The Dome when a last second 'Hail-Mary' Touchdown from Drew Brees to Jimmy Graham in the closing seconds of regulation was negated by an Offensive pass-interference penalty.
                                           THE BIRTHDAY STREAK:





November 5, 2006

Tampa Bay



November 4, 2007




November 2, 2008

Bye Week



November 2, 2009




November 7, 2010




November 6, 2011

Tampa Bay



November 5, 2012




November 10, 2013




November 9, 2014

San Francisco





- Ironically, the Brees puppet was added to the Newsletter when the new Muppet Movie came out in 2010. 


- The first "SaintsGuy Surprise" was won on Dec. 5, 2010.  They were Saints Christmas ornaments.

  "I won the first surprise!"  - London the Fan

- The 'anthem' for the Club is U2 & Green Day's Superdome performance of "Saints Are Coming". 

- The Dallas Dome Who-Dats met for their first game at The Quarter Bar in Week 3 of 2007.

- Only two fans have ever gotten, both, Trivia questions correct on the same day! Once in 2009 & 2012.

- During a game against the "Dirty Birds" in Dec, 2010 one of our members wore his jersey inside-out to change the outcome of the game when the Saints were losing and instantly Brees threw the winning TD!

  "Whoever said fans were superstitious was crazy!" - Cody the Fan

- Only one member has ever won, both, a jersey for an Offensive & Defensive Player in the prize raffle.  Do you know who?

- "The SaintsGuy" coined the term 'Aerial Assault' after Brees nearly broke the Passing Record in 2008.

- Only one of our members is originally from Dallas and he HATES the cowboys.

 "Mannnn, I love to hate 'Jerry's Kids'!" - Jazze the Fan

- "Dorothy" from Oz was the movie character that won the first Halloween Football Party Contest that has ever been held at The Quarter Bar.  Do you know who wore the costume?

- It was the Week 7 victory over Miami in 2009 that "The SaintsGuy" proclaimed would be the 'Greatest Comeback in Franchise History', when the SAINTS were down 24-10 at Halftime.  We won 46-34!!  

- From 2006 to 2013; the Saints had always won their games whenever "The SaintsGuy' had attended the battle in person. It wasn't until the Week 4 game against the Cowboys on September 28, 2014 that the streak came to an end in a 38-17 loss on the road at the Arlington Death-Star in the battle known as "The Great Dallas Debacle".        

- In Week 2 of the 2012 season; a single fan won 4 prizes in the Halftime Raffle.  A club record!

 "I won four prizes! This club is great!" - Kacy the Fan

- In Week 4 of 2012; another member became just the 4th fan to win 2 jerseys in the same season!!

  "I won my second jersey of the Season!" - Ricky the Fan

- In Week 7 of 2012; another member became just the 5th fan to win 2 jerseys in the same season!!

  "I won my second jersey of the season too!"  - Miss Meredith

- In Week 13 of 2012; another member became just the 6th fan to win 2 jerseys in the same season!!

  "I can't believe I won my second jersey in just 2 weeks?!!"  - Kevin

- In Week 15 of 2012; another member became just the 7th fan to win 2 jerseys in the same season EVER!!

  "I just won my second jersey of the Season!  I rock!!" - The Hank-ster

- The first "SaintsGuy's Sack-Lunch" was won on Oct. 13, 2013.  It was a Saints jersey!

  "I won the first 'sack-lunch'!" - The Rock N' Roll Fan

- During the 2013 Season, Miss Meredith became the first member to win '4' of the same prize item in the Halftime Prize Raffle when she took home a "Gumbo Pillow-Pet" in Weeks 2, 9, 12 and 16.  A club record!!

 "Now I have the whole set!!"  - Miss Meredith

- In Week 4 of the 2014 season; a single fan won 4 prizes during the Mardi Gras Blackout Party which tied a club record!  It's only happened twice in 8 years!!

  "After 3 seasons of coming here, I finally racked up!"  - Bill the Fan

- In Week 17 of the 2016 season; Bill the Fan won 5 prizes during the season-finale against the "Dirty Birds", which broke the previous club record that he shared with another Who-Dat from 2012! A fan winning 4 prizes in a single Halftime-Raffle has only happened three times in the club's 11 year history!!


"Now that record is ALL mine, I rule!!" - Bill the Fan




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