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Below are my favorite plays of the Payton-Brees Era, and for those of you that don't recall, and yes, I’m speaking to you, the media, I’ve put together this montage of ‘miracles’ below as a refresher course, so that divine intervention will not go unrecognized…

2006 – “The Rebirth" a/k/a "The Gleason Play” (vs Atlanta during the “Dome-Coming”)

2007 – “Deuce’s Run” (vs Philadelphia in 2nd Round of the Playoffs)

 2008 – “Blowout at The Dome” (vs Green Bay, in the highest scoring game in Saints history on MNF)

2009 – Greatest Comeback in Franchise History (vs Miami in Week 6)


2009 – “The Meachem Miracle” (vs Washington in Week 13)


2010 – “The Porter Pick” (vs Minnesota in the NFC Title Game)


2010 – “Ambush” (vs Indi in the Super Bowl)


2011 – “Blowout at The Dome 2” (vs Indi, in the new highest scoring game in Saints history)


2011 – “Breaking Marino” (vs Atlanta during the original 'BATTLE FOR CHRISTMAS' on MNF)


2014 – “The Road Win” (vs Philly in 1st Round of the Playoffs)


2015 – “The Shootout” (vs Eli & the G-Men in Week 8)

2017 - “The Kamara Catch” (vs Washington in Week 11)


2017 - “The Christmas Catch" (vs Atlanta during the 'BATTLE FOR CHRISTMAS 5')

2018 - “The Falcon Fakeout" (vs Atlanta during 'THE SHOOTOUT 2' in Week 3)

2018 - "Passing the Manning" (vs Washington in Week 5)

2018 - "Beating the Black Bird" (vs Baltimore in Week 7)

    “Dat’s Real Saints, Makin’ Miracles Happen!” – The SaintsGuy, 2018

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