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The first issue of The SaintsGuy's weekly newsletter was emailed out to Club members in August, 2009. At two issues a week, by the end of that Campaign, there were 43 titles that were sent to over 100 Who-Dats in the Dallas Metroplex area. Every year since, additional titles have followed with increased volume, as well as, a huge fan mailing list!

Now, all of those past issues can be viewed in the Newsletter Archives, so that, both, Old & New fans can relive those great moments for our team and club during the Payton Era.


If you would like to join the DDWD Newsletter Mailing List and receive The SaintsGuy's FREE WEEKLY NEWSLETTER, as well as, information about upcoming Saints parties and the weekly 'Hidden Trivia Answer' then submit your name and email info and you'll receive a copy of the latest newsletter issue right away!! 

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