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Rich a/k/a "The SaintsGuy" is 
from New Orleans East and became a Who-Dat in January 1991 while rooting for the Black & Gold in the NFC Wild Card Game against the hated Chicago Bears.  From that day, he's worn his fan apparel with pride.  In 2003, he founded the first and only Saints Club in Orlando, FL which consisted of 50+ members attending on average every week at a place called "The Ale House."  After moving to Texas just before the start of the 2006 Season known as the "Cinderella Saints", he obtained tickets for his first game under the new Payton Regime.  It was a showdown in early November at Raymond James Stadium which ended in a 31-14 SAINTS win over the division rival Buccaneers.  His longtime friend, Bryan, made the trip as well, and has been a Saints fan ever since.  One month later, his friend, Mike, who was a member of the Orlando Club attended a game with him which was held on Sunday, Dec. 10th at the Old Cowboy Stadium in Irving.  The result was a SAINTS 42-17 massacre of the Evil Empire known as "Jerry's Kids", complete with a chance meeting with Drew Brees which got him an autograph and picture.  He visited 9 different sports-bars during the course of the 2006 Campaign to view the other 14 games & 2 Playoff appearances, which gave cause to the creation of the club, the following year.  It was actually a Twin Peaks Restaurant waitress that gave him his nickname since he was the only Who-Dat in the place every week for the games he watched there.  From 2006 to 2013, during the Payton-Era, the SAINTS had never lost a game that "The SaintsGuy" attended in person, but that streak came to an end when the Saints were beaten by "Jerry's Kids" in a Week 4 battle during the 2014 campaign. However, the following year (2015) the Boyz N Black & Gold won a Week 16 matchup against the Jacksonville Jaguars at The Dome on Christmas Weekend, helping The SaintsGuy kick-off another streak!!  In 2016, The SaintsGuy purchased tickets for the match-up against the Tampa Bay Bucs on Dec. 24th at The Dome.  It was declared as "The Battle for Christmas 4" and once again, in the end, Good did triumph over Evil, when the Boyz N Black & Gold won the day, making it the next game that New Orleans would win, when The SaintsGuy attended in person.

This was followed up again in 2017, when The SaintsGuy went to New Orleans in December for the late-season rematch against the "Dirty Birds".  It was proclaimed "The Battle for Christmas 5" and was the first meeting between the two division rivals on the holiday weekend, since the very first battle to save Christmas in December 2011. Many of you may remember that night for the 'Grand-Miracle' that took place, known as "Breaking Marino".  And just like in 2011, for the 2017 battle, in the end, the forces of Good defeated the "Dirty Birds" and Christmas was saved!  

The 2019 Campaign represented the 13th Season of the DDWD and it was The SaintsGuy's twelfth season as the Host, Fearless Leader and Spiritual Shepherd in the noble crusade against the Commissioner's "League of Evil" and Globalist Agenda.

In 2020, during the Covid-Campaign, that agenda was revealed, with The Beast coming to the NFC South, however, with strength, commitment and courage, the Boyz N Black & Gold rose to the challenge and for a fourth straight year, they clinched the division crown, becoming the first to do so (since the realignment of 2002) and helping solidify their reign as "Kings of the South".  The victory, however, was short lived during that hard season, when The Beast ended our Playoff hopes with, yet another, post-season loss.  Now, the questions are being asked; "What about next season?  Will Drew come back again? Will fans be allowed to attend games again [without some Orwellian police-state process to get inside stadiums] Will we even have a season worth watching next fall?"  

The answers to all of these questions is that I don't know.  What I do know, is that if Brees returns we will at least have HOPE and I will be in my gear.  If we can go back to games again in person, then I will be there in my gear.  And if we can meet up at our favorite hangout again on gameday, then I will be there in my gear. 

I want to high-five everybody with my foam-hand on after each score. I want to hear that know the one. I hope to throw beads from the stage again after that Brees passing touchdown.  I hope to celebrate with my friends again.

I hope.



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