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                        SaintsGuys Proclamation:

"Since the 2010 Season we've had a Fan-of-the-Week winner for every game played that's been played!  At the end of each season a vote is held to decide who will be the FAN-OF-THE-SEASON winner for the campaign. I have proclaimed all nominees as "Elite Fans" of the DFW Metroplex and crusaders for the Black & Gold here in North Texas in our never-ending battle against the Commisioner's "League of Evil!!!!"


                    The Event That Could've Been....

Due to a lack of, both, Individual Fan and Corporate Participation; the Sean Payton Appearance scheduled on Sunday, Dec. 9th during the Giants game of the 2012 Season was officially cancelled on Monday, December 3rd.  Originally, this was to be a private party by invitation only in an effort to raise $50, 000 for Payton’s Play It Forward Foundation.  Of the pledges that were received by me via text message, phone call , email and/or in person during the Saints parties from October 7th to November 30th, I wanted to thank those individuals personally for attempting to help the organizers in this cause. 

And to the organizers of this event; I sincerely appreciate the time and effort that was made to try and help bring our beloved Head Coach to 'our house', and I hope, that all of you will acknowledge their efforts as well, in passing….


                           Henry              Rich            Madge              Carl              Evan

“You did what you could Who-Dats…and that makes you great fans!”

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