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It was the start of the 2007 Season and "The SaintsGuy" and a handfull of other fans, later known as, "The Original Seven" gathered together for the first Saints party of many to come during Week 1 of that year.  After the first two games of the season; the fans found a home when the party was moved to The Quarter Bar in Addison, TX just in time for Week 3. 

Rudy & Beverly Delgado opened The Quarter Bar in Addison, TX just before what became known as "The Katrina Season" in August, 2005. Originally, they were longtime New Orleans Saints season ticket holders before moving to the North Texas area, and soon thereafter, decided to bring Louisiana style cuisine to the Dallas metroplex, and in turn, to the hundreds of displaced Who-Dats that had moved here.

Two years later; the opportunity to sponsor the "Dallas Dome Who-Dats Club" presented itself and they didn't let any of the local diehard Saints faithful down. 

In what started out as only several fans who wanted to meet up every week to watch the Black & Gold, shortly thereafter, more and more began to come each week and the member numbers swelled as word of the gathering spread.

To kickoff the 2008 Season over 150 Who-Dats packed The Quarter Bar for Week 1 during "The SaintsGuy's" official inauguration as the new host for what became known as the 'Dallas Dome Who-Dats Club'!   

With "The SaintsGuy" hosting each week; he brought additional fan-fare to the venue, which included, a weekly member Newsletter, a Website complete with fan photos taken each week by himself, as well as, other volunteers, a Halftime Raffle Prize Givaway and Saints Trivia with free buckets of beer & wine for the winners, courtesy of The Quarter Bar.


In 2009, the Club enjoyed an almost undefeated season when the Black & Gold went 13-3 before winning the Franchise's first Super Bowl Championship.  That  season, the Dallas Dome Who-Dats completed the year with 16 Victory Parties when it was all over!!


For the 2010 Season; "The SaintsGuy" added a weekly internet radio broadcast.  The show was called "Saints Talk with The SaintsGuy" and allowed local and long-distance fans to call in and ask questions or comment on the latest game.  An internet link appeared in every Newsletter issue that took fans directly to the show as it was being performed live or for archived episodes in case they had missed one.  The 2010 Season also saw the addition of the "Fan-of-the-Week" contest, which ultimatly decides who will win the "Fan-of-the-Season" honors, which is voted on during the last game of the regular season or first Playoff game. 


In 2011, the club celebrated its 5th Season in existance and watched Drew Brees and the "Aerial Assault" run up the scoreboard and the stats, while breaking Dan Marino's NFL record (5,084) for total passing yards in a single-season at 5,476 along with making it to the Playoffs for a 3rd straight year....

The 2012 Season (forever known as "The Lost Season") had a League conspiracy called 'Bounty-Gate' that derailed Who-Dat Nation's hopes for a 4th straight Playoff appearance and another Super Bowl Championship (at home) in as many years.  The DDWD, however, set some of their own club records, all of which, can be seen on this site's page titled 'Did You Know??'....  In the end, the Players were acquitted, but with Coach Payton in exile, it was a 7-9 finish for the Boyz N Black & Gold.


The 2013 Campaign turned into more of a crusade as the regular season came to a close as the Evil Franchises knocked other clubs out of the playoff hunt, until there was only the Boyz N Black & Gold standing in their way.  Coach Payton & Co. put up a valiant fight, in both, the Wild-Card Round and the Divisional Round games, but after defeating back-to-back evil teams in Week 17 (against Tampa) and in the opening round of the Playoffs (against Philadelphia), it was the "Sleazy Sea-Birds" that finished the Saints season.  It was a year that saw the DDWD's club attendance and membership grow, the setting of some new club records and the dethroning of our 2-time Fan-of-the-Season winner as another was chosen.


From 2014 to 2016;  the battle between Good & Evil raged on with teams of the Commissioner's "League of Evil" routinely making their way to the 'Big Game' and winning.  Only the defeat of the Carolina Panthers in 2015 by the Broncos did the LOE have it's plans for constant domination foiled, when Cam "The Sham" Newton went down in flames.  Nevertheless, The SaintsGuy and his band of fearless crusaders continued to battle week-in and week-out during the losing campaigns that ensued, never losing faith and remaining true to the cause.  In 2016; it was a year that saw the DDWD's club attendance and membership grow, with new who-dats from the Homeland joining the fray and in 2017 the crew got back with a Division Crown & a Championship Cap!




Year after year, "The SaintsGuy" has helped make The Quarter Bar in Addison, TX become the premiere destination for Who-Dats in the Dallas Metroplex!! 

There are other clubs in the Dallas area.  One has a prize raffle.  Another has a website.

This one is the ORIGINAL Saints club....and we were doing it all, long before them.


Be sure to 'sign-up' for The SaintsGuy's Weekly Regular-Season Newsletter issues if you would like to continue to receive club updates, team updates, promo offers and The Quarter Bar's Fan-Coupon for 20% off each week when you come to any of the L-E-D-G-E-N-D-A-R-Y Saints Party's throughout the season!!

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